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Best of all, it was live recorded, to the point that even his computer screen is visible.
Two stars is the worst rating you can give a movie; these are the worst of the worst.
" Professional Wrestling WWE wrestler the Boogeyman is an almost-bald Scary Black Man with his entire head painted single wohnung winsen luhe red with black spots, who walks like he's having a seizure, smashes giant antique clocks over his head, speaks almost entirely in blinde frauen daten singsongy nursery rhymes, eats worms.
Mick Foley deliberately went for this while wrestling as Dude Love in order to separate the gimmick from his other personae (the sadistic Cactus Jack and the psychotic Mankind).Locals dress it up with Christmas lights every holiday season, dress it in drag for Pride Week, put political signs or advertisements in its hands, etc.So Bad, It's Good, it's still bad.It's also been retsupuraed here.Practically 98 of Go!It's essentially the Sharknado of wrestling mini-movies.Where the line lies between simply bad, this effect, and.Poorly designed and outdated websites that look like they are stuck in the 90s often embody this trope.Yet it tried to be ridiculously faithful to its source material, which results in lots of Narm that just really feels charming.
Some fan even wrote a "Karl-Fritschalyzer" which allows displaying any text in this style.

An In-Universe example from the Vorkosigan Saga is the ImpSec building on Barrayar whose ugliness is such a Running Gag that children's cartoon characters are made out of its gargoyles.Humor was derived at: having enough money to burn on this app and b: schadenfreude in people failing to Read the Freaking Manual and blindly buying it without checking the price.The stupidity of the app has garnered it a fanbase.Something Awful would occasionally have a "Page of Shame" sub-feature at the end of their "Photoshop Phridays".The score is a total Cliché Storm, from the Opening Chorus to The Eleven O'Clock Number titled "An Eleven O'Clock Song." When the show was revived in the 1989 by the Goodspeed Opera House, it was rewritten as a parody of musicals.Have a MST and mind the picture load.
While there are lots of shoddy knock-off toys you find in dollar stores that are just boring and poorly made, more than a few are completely bonkers in their presentation.
She no longer works for the BBC.