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It took us seventeen minutes from the fire pit to reach the summit, which all of a sudden jumps out at you and says, surprise!
Those 2,600 vertical feet have to start somewhere, right?
A large, flat rock (Hey, Im a boulder!) sits in the center of the path you want to.
Immediately on your right, youll see your first red blaze, accompanied by an arrow pointing to the right, toward a paved road and some campsites.Feel free to put me back in your pocket and concentrate on the thousands of calories youre about to burn.Few can argue that Indian gaming has not been beneficial to Wisconsin tribes, tribal members and the state as a whole.He went on to read from his proclamation stating, Over 8 million veterans served during the Vietnam era and were not afforded the respect and gratitude they deserved for serving this great country.The structural steel for the new main entrance is being raised.Once again, we want thank everyone for their assistance.

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A popular add-on to this hike (in case climbing 2,600 feet over 7 miles and bagging one of the 3500 Catskill Peaks isnt enough for you) is to continue past the summit of Wittenberg to bag Cornell Mountain as well.Under many circumstances tribes have been able to replace functions once provided by the state and federal governments.The expansion is focused on the construction of a hotel and restaurant and is only increasing the number of gambling machines by approximately 250, up from the current 500.The foundation work for the Hotel has been started and it is a little over 25 complete.Youre, like, halfway there!There was an impressive turnout with an estimated 300 guests in attendance at the Flag Raising ceremony held Tuesday, November 11 at 11:00am.
He served four consecutive terms: ; ; ; and.