single horned beetle

Tityus is one of only six species in the Genus Dynastes and is one of the more interesting Dynastinae.
When the horned passalus takes up residence in a log, the beetles facilitate log decomposition by chewing up wood pulp and expelling frass.
The Five-horned beetle is the boldly coloured, and one of the most extravagant of rhino imagoes.
This beautiful beetle hails from tropical Africa and is is arguably the most handsome of the African rhinos.Buchler ER, Wright TB, Brown.MinJun Kim, leading a team of engineers in National Science Foundation -funded research, examined the function and aerodynamics of the Allomyrina dichotoma beetle, with the help of researchers in Drexel University 's Mechanical Engineering Department and in collaboration with Konkuk University in South Korea.Strategus aloeus ) and the, eastern Hercules beetle dynastes tityus ).Like other Chalcosoma, the L3 dating hardy rods larvae can inflict painful bites.In plant feeding insects, undigested remains are expelled in the form of a fine powdery material, called frass.Domestically, it is low maintenance in care and only requires consistent supplies of moistened wood which can be obtained in any natural area that is normally suitable for the beetle.Close up of the head and curved horn of the horned passalus, Odontotaenius disjunctus Illiger.

Common name: horned passalus scientific name: Odontotaenius disjunctus (Illiger) (Insecta: Coleoptera: Passalidae: Passalinae introduction, synonymy.Dynastes hercules, length: 65-170mm.Female imagoes are very difficult to distinguish from males since both sexes have horns, but the males do not have such large amounts of sensory hairs at the end of the abdomen and the bottom of the pygidium points towards the anterior rather than the.Disjunctus in most aspects of the life cycle and morphology except for having wider front tibiae and a reduced horn (Schuster 1994).This species is regarded as the most powerful of the fighting beetles.Chalcosoma atlas has certainly been one of the most wanted rhinos of rhino beetle fanatics.
A key characteristic of horned passalus adults is the acoustical signals (stridulation) they emit when disturbed or agitated.
I was very lucky to acquire a pair and will probably never see them again.